Old School Hands

Old School Hands

Here is a classic Sesame Street video- I love watching Ernies hands; Jim Henson would perform Ernie’s head and left hand and other puppeteers (like Richard Hunt) would perform the right. I don’t know who performed this particular skit with Jim Henson, but watch Ernie’s hands- a great execution. Less is more when performing hands, and in this particular skit the puppeteer performing the left hand has to not only work cooperatively with Jim’s right, but has to also worry about Ernie’s body position, introducing props, and the amount of reaction the hand has to do to without bringing attention to it. A perfect exectution if you ask me, not to mention a great skit 🙂

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  • Andrew February 27, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    That is great! For some reason I enjoy these “old school” productions much more than what Sesame Street is producing now.

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