Performance Code of Conduct

Performance Code of Conduct

Performance etiquette is essential. All performers should abide by, and adhere to these codes. If you are starting a theatre troupe or have a couple of employees performing to an audience I would advise you to sit down and write up a Code of Conduct. Through my experiences I found those performance groups that have a Code of Conduct made the “behind the scenes” work easier and co-worker relations a very positive experience. I believe it is very hard to conceal any team tension from a audience…especially when the audience is children, they are soooo perceptive!

The following is a performance Code of Conduct I had in place for my performers. I also listed some PDF’s from other organizations. I may introduce some new Code of Conducts after viewing these:

My Code of Conducts…
1) The audience must never see you getting prepared.
This includes stage, FX, lighting, sound set up and character preparation (laying out of puppets, getting into a character outfit).

2) Never let the audience see you out of character.
Once a character is introduced you are that character until you leave the stage, or are hidden from the audience.

3) Apologize to audience if MAJOR equipment malfunction happens.
If there is a malfunction, or something happens that could endanger anyone- inform the audience- allow time to fix problem.

4) Never let The audience see you reading scripts.

5) Always acknowledge the crowd at the end of performances.
You deserve recognition for your performance- always bow and make certain to introduce others that have contributed to the performance (tech people, theatre hall)

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