Podcast on Puppet Ministry

Children’s Ministry Talk has released their newest Podcast featuring Todd Liebenow and Amy Harder.  It sounds great, and includes information for starting a puppet ministry.

My dad ran a Sunday school at our local church, and it provided me the opportunity to do my first puppet shows for the kids who attended; I was about 13 years old. The stage was basically a doorway with a sheet tacked across it. I remember the first puppet I performed, it was David from the story David and Goliath. The David puppet didn’t have any clothes when I received him, so I stripped the clothes from a stuff ewok I had, and used them. LOL Church was a great experience, and provided me the audience I needed, basic (simplified) storylines, and those amazing puppets!

Unfortunately, presently though I don’t attend church, but sing the praises of puppet ministry and the great things churches and communities are doing to promote the art form.

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