Project Puppet Contest 2008: A Space Odyssey

Here is a entry by Kent Rousseau it was made from the Pinhead Pattern entered in the Puppet Contest 2008: A Space Odyssey.

I love the look and design of this puppet- very creative! who can’t love a puppet who can hold four cups of coffee! LOL
Another amazing thing is that Kent is TEN years old! Wow!

Here is Kent’s description of Wagzarr!
Wagzarr is a Plutonian. He wasn’t very happy when humans disqualified Pluto as a planet. He wanted to change that, so he moved to earth. By the time he got to earth, he forgot the reason he was coming. He really liked the different varieties of food on earth. (Especially coffee) This four armed Plutonian doesn’t exactly fit in with the humans, even though he tried to, by growing a mustache and hair.

Kent received two votes from the judges

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