Project Puppet Contest 2008: A Space Odyssey

This is a entry by Martin Lee it was made from the Melonhead Puppet Pattern entered in the Puppet Contest 2008: A Space Odyssey.

I love the mechanical feel of Space Cow-Boy.  Martin definately has an eye for detail right down to the bolts on his mechanical hands and tagged ear; a great puppet! 

Here is Martin’s description of Space Cow-Boy!

An orphan at birth, through the most tragic of circumstances… left to die in a verdant field, taken in by the occupying bovine. Raised as the fabled “chosen one”… Trained from a young age…
Part boy, part robot, part calf… He is… SPACE COW-BOY, Defender of the BEEF.
With one thing on his mind… INTERGALACTIC BOVINE DOMINATION!!

Sounds like this character would make for a great show 🙂
Martin received two votes from the judges.

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