Project Puppet Contest 2008: A Space Odyssey

This is a entry by Sonny Vegas a.k.a. Eddie Horn, it was made from the Pinhead Puppet Pattern entered in the Puppet Contest 2008: A Space Odyssey.

Kronos is unique because although he is constructed using the Pinhead  Puppet Pattern, it’s made with a latex finish and airbrushed. The finish really changes the “usual style” of the pattern, and adds a more organic feel. Really cool!

Here is Sonny’s description of Handsome King Kronos!

“In the distant Galaxy of the Planet Dweedle, rules an Emperor who answers to the name of The Almighty and Handsome King Kronos. He is the leader of the planet Dweedle and in control of the solar system that harbors his world. King Kronos has the ability of universal mind control due to his third eye on top of his crowned head. His treachery and evil ways makes him a dangerously vicious entity to the whole universe and especially mankind here on Earth. Actually his name is Benny Valentino and he lives in Chicago and works at Northside Deli. He makes a great reuben sandwich. He likes watching the Cooking Channel and his favorite song is anything by Sinatra. He’s a little upset the Cubs blew it this year, but he’s really a nice guy. Ask his Mom.”
Kronos received two votes from the judges.

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