Project Puppet Contest Entry

Project Puppet Contest Entry

Gabe “The Jungle Herald” was built by A.J. Schraeder

There exist a prophecy as old as the jungle itself that speaks of a creature that is to be born from the pure energy of the jungle. It is said that when this force of nature arrives the jungles shall reclaim the earth and humanity will be reduced to 2nd class citizens. Gabe the jungle herald is not this creature, but he knows him. Gabe isn’t the brightest in the world but he’s certainly one of the most curious and can spend hours just examining his own paw or contemplating a Bar-B-Que. Originally it was Gabe’s job was to tell the rest of the animals about the plan for humanity’s defeat, but he got distracted. Personally he doesn’t mind humans sticking around since he thinks they make some pretty sweet shirts.

Gabe was built using the Melonhead pattern

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