Project Puppet Contest Entry

Tropic Fever is built by Benoit Hemberg (Belgium)

Since he was born, Tropic Fever was an outsider. Dreaming of a higher destiny he refused to follow the path of his brothers and sisters mosquitos. After all, what was the point to live on the back of all living creatures, drinking, drinking and drinking blood again to finally get squashed ?. Tropic Fever wanted to change the course of things. He wanted to be different and to him the only way was rocking. As a larva he used to spend most of his time to compose songs on his own. He then started a band, Kid Bug and started to become famous in the clubs circuit (among others, the famous “Swarm” and the more underground “Ant-Hill Of Hell”). Now, he’s still rocking but under his own name, thirsty of…changes, hoping that his songs could inspire the next generations. He won’t give up !. “Keep rockin’ in the free world “.

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