Project Puppet’s Contest Entries

Rano was built by Derek McCabe

Rano is a Costa-Rican Treefrog who comes from the rain forest. He is drawn to brightly coloured objects, and has been known to absent-mindedly wander off with such things. He easily camoflauges himself inside bowls of candy, from where he can observe people in their natural habitat.
When he’s not being inquisitive about the world around him, he enjoys painting to reflect what he has learned.

Rano was created with the Melonhead Puppet pattern. The fleece pattern was modified to allow for his brilliant yellow belly. The arms are borrowed from the Rotondo pattern, and a pattern was designed to allow for the orange hands. His cherry-red pingpong ball eyes are loosly held into their sockets, enabling free movement as needed. The blue spots on the side are patches sewn on.

The mouth plate is Craft foam, while the mouth is made from felt. His skull is made from half-inch upholstery foam. Rano is our second home-grown puppet, and we’re all very proud of him!

You can tell a lot of work has been put into Rano. His three toned arms and his blue spots not only show the care Derek placed into building his character, but it makes Rano very unique. Nice work Derek.

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