Project Puppet’s Contest Entries

Here is Xylem by Gary McNeil II. Xylem is chief lore master of the Phloemenians. Is he animal, vegetable or mineral? Perhaps some of each, little is known of his kind. Few dare to venture under the dark canopy of the world’s most deadly jungle and risk encountering the frumious beasts that dwell there.
Like all Phloemenians, Xlyem is a master of camouflage – but he is hardly meek. His four arms, connected by a membrane of skin, allow him to glide through the jungle canopy faster than the strike of a bandersnatch. He uses the inner surface of the membrane; with its bright “eye spots”, to dazzle his foes in battle. A moment’s distraction: snicker-snack! His obsidian blade will fly past tooth, horn and claw to bury itself in a scaly hide. Xylem proudly displays a trophy of one such encounter – the gnarled claw of a Jabberwock!Young Phloemenian sprouts treat Xylem with a fearful respect and listen attentively to his words. It is from him they learn to mimic the call of the jubjub bird and to recognize the holes where the slithy toves dwell. Only through his teachings can they hope to survive in a land where life is as fleeting as it is abundant.

Holy imagination Batman! This puppet is very ingenious, and looks like it could be a character on Fraggle Rock. Nice work Gary!

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