Project Puppet’s Contest Entries

Chris Chamäleon was built by Jessica Bruckschen (Germany)

Chris is 73 years old, but he looks much younger. He is proud about that, because he is a little bit vain. He does not want to sit everywhere. He always looks about the colour before he sits down, because he just wants to change into colours he likes. Sometimes this is a ittle bit exhausting, but apart from that he is a very nice guy! He lives in my houseplants and tells jokes the whole day. With Chris life is never boring. Chris loves catching and eating flies, what is very practical for me. I still try to make him eating spiders (That would be MORE practical for me) but he is afraid about them, just like me.

I love the adjustable tail, tongue and hands! Chris was only the second puppet Jessica has ever built; I think we will be seeing more amazing creations from Jessica in the future! Very impressive work!

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