Project Puppet’s Contest Entries

Hapalop the 3-toed Sloth was built by Jen McClure

Hapalop is one of the most feared and terror inducing creatures of the Brazilian rainforest. He is both a shadow and a legend, being the only carnivorous sloth in the jungle. His self confessed fierce appetite has resulted in the lengthening of the endangered species list. Despite spending most of his time camouflaged by the moss of trees, it’s a rare and beautiful sight to find him soaking up the sun after a heavy downpour, to be enjoyed only by the most brave or cautious. Also, he lies a lot.

The proportions of Hapalop are perfect for a sloth, it screams slow motion 🙂 The subtle smile and long fingernails make this creature a great character. The Roly puppet pattern was used to create Hapalop.

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