Puppet Vids…

Puppet Vids…

This is the whole wilson meats pitch. It is pretty adult…with even a muppet getting shot in the head! Whoa! Anyway, it also has lots of behind the scenes stuff. check it out:

Here is a quick video montage of latex puppet building from the original Latibaer puppets:

This little vid is a sample of what you can do with a bobblehead, some finger puppets, and Windows Player.

A song from the film, “Thunderbirds Are Go!”, featuring a creepy puppet version of singer Cliff Richards, along with British instrumental band, The Shadows. Hank Marvin (in glasses) plays guitar.

This is the REAL video for Death Cab For Cutie’s “Crooked Teeth” (by real I mean ‘the good one.’) By channel 101’s Rob Schrab. Go ahead and delete all those other version’s of this video, they are feeble in comparison.

A pretty neat concept: Puppets with detached heads rock out in an old victorian attic…don’t watch while on acid!

Grover on Jimmy Kimmel! Tim Daily, (the guy from “Wings”) is also on and comes across as a big… you know what. Just watch, and you’ll see what I mean.

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