Puppeteer Wanted

I received the following email:

My name is Allyson Schwarz, I am a graduate film production student at UCLA, I am about to enter production for my advanced film. The story is about 10 year old Sam. When Sam’s older brother, Jonas, leaves home, Sam is forced, in no small part by his mother, Mary, to start growing up. When his Goth sister, Anna, tells Sam about the ‘forgotten brother’ locked away in the closet, Sam’s imagination goes into overdrive and out come the seemingly harmless imaginary friends, Seamus and Magellan, who are all about fun and games, though not all of the games are harmless….
Magellan is an adorable, talking koala bear who is comedic relief and sweetness to juxtapose the darker Seamus. He is always trying to get in on the action and be everyone’s friend.
The shoot is Feb 15-19. I would need a puppeteer (and a puppet) for two and a half days of work. Our Days are 12 hours long but most days you will be out early. I would also need you to be available for rehearsals before the shoot. Breakfast and lunch are included in the shoot, you will also receive credit and a copy of the film. We will be shooting in the Los Angeles area. I see Magellan as a hand puppet but am open to your opinions.
If you are interested please contact me at

Allyson Schwarz
2nd Year Directing/Cinematography Candidate-UCLA

Also feel free to contact me, Chris, any time as well. Thanks. 

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