Puppeteers Unite!

Puppeteers Unite!

UPDATE: I apologize but the website the petition was on asked for donations- I felt this cheapened the cause so I took off the petition. I will try to find another site that will host the petition without asking for $ 

I watched the audio commentary for STAR WARS: Empire Strikes Back and was amazed to find that George Lucas tried to get Frank Oz nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the Oscars. The Academy denied his request stating Puppeteers are not actors…WHAT?!  I started a petition for people to sign. I will submit the list to the Academy to recognize the work of Puppeteers. It probably will not really make a lick of difference, but we can at least show a united front towards this issue. 

Get you and your friends to sign the petition

Yoda was a prime example of a master performance. If Frank Oz performance was not believeable EMPIRE STRIKES BACK would have probably been the worst (or second worst…Episode 1) Star Wars instead (in my mind) the best.

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