Puppeteers Unite is one year old

Puppeteers Unite is one year old

Well, today marks one year Puppeteers Unite has been online! My main goal of Puppeteers Unite was to create a blog which educated and promoted puppetry, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life! Since I’ve been online I have gained so much knowledge and made some really great friends.

Pasha at Project Puppet has been simply amazing. Not only does he have a vast knowledge of puppetry but he has assisted me with this blog. Pasha, I can’t thank you enough. You’re awesome, thanks for everything!

Kanja from Chensational Productions is an amazing puppet builder and performer. Kanja has always shed light on information I need and has always been an active support. Thanks Kanja.

Andrew at Puppet Vision has never failed to amaze me with his informative postings on his blog and his vast knowledge he provides freely to everyone at Muppet Central Forum and other puppetry sites.

Brian Hogg at Dotboom has also been an inspiration, not only staying up late trying to finish episodes but keeping his blog up to date and creating innovative ways of marketing his show. Brian keep up the great work! I love the show!

There is a couple of people who also continue to inspire me; I would love to thank- Puppet Minister (Ben Jones), Anders Nyman, Amy Harder at Puppet Labs, Nate Pacheco, the folks at the Big Magic Book, SWAZZLE, the people at Muppet Central and Muppets Newsflash, OPA, and Puppeteers who post on Youtube.

Thanks also goes out to anyone who visits my blog. I started this blog thinking I’d learn some stuff and maybe a couple of people will “tune in” once in a while. I can’t believe the response I got and the many, many people I have meet.

Most of you may or may not know but I work for a children’s cancer camp. I started attending camp as a camper with my brother at the age of 11 and am now 33. Ironically, today is my brothers birthday, he would have been 29; He died in August of 1993. I didn’t know when I started this blog and had to go back…way back to the start…I was shocked to find it fell on this day; the 13th of December is pretty special.

Again, thank you everyone for your ongoing support and I hope to continue this blog into the furture. Puppeteers Unite!  


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  • Pasha December 20, 2006 at 5:52 pm

    No problem, Tom. Keep up the great work!

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