Puppeteers Unite!

Puppeteers Unite!

On Dec 12th, Frogpuppeteer at Muppet Central Forum had an amazing idea:

Why Dont we Make Something Together?

“I’ve been here a while but i was walking down the street and thought of all the puppeteers on here why havent we put together something random…i know some of you say we are too far or whatever….but i mean something simple…example the celebrety versions of monster in the mirror or put down the duckie…ive seen it down on youtube sans puppets and it would be easy to do with with puppets as well .like we could each film our own puppets singing some part of a song and splice it together its not that hard i could even do it really ill even voulenteer to splice it together i just think it would be fun to have all our characters sing a song together even if they aren’t in the same room or even together….im suggesting it any takers it could be another muppet central family project”
Frogpuppeteer then stated today:
“After some chatting we decided to lip sync to “Happiness Hotel” and “Build Me Up Buttercup”. So for all of us here record your self doing the whole song that way i can just splice it toget fairly easy and have it make sense instead of trying to cut up the songs. now if its possible send it to me in mpeg format if not quicktime works as well,(avi is fine) at Spiritman12209@aol.com or jr4170@stu.aii.edu or if you just no way of getting it one a computer and want to send it via mail on a mini DV tape PM me and ill give you my adress. ok so now just go out there film, share this idea with as many puppeteers as you know and lets just have fun…a deadline lets says by the first week in January like the 3rd so that i have time to watch them after the holiday”
So everyone please record your performance and send them on in! Great idea Frogpuppeteer!
To check out the forum go HERE!

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