Puppeteersunite on Muppetcast and more!

Puppeteersunite on Muppetcast and more!

kermit_icon.pngSorry for not posting, but I’m on an island (Camp) preparing for this up and coming summer! Internet here is hard to get on and it runs super slow so I probably won’t be posting regularly 🙁 Just a couple of things happening in puppet news:

Yours truly had an interview with Steve Swanson from Muppetcast, it was posted last Monday, and was featured again yesterday in their newest cast. I talk out getting started in puppetry and other puppet news worthy mentions.

Kanja Chen at Chesational Blog talks about puppet design collaboration. An awesome posting and the puppets look fantastic!

Episode 26 is up and running at dotBoom website 🙂

Andrews’ newest posting on Puppetbuilding.com has the 1960’s Muppet Puppet Pattern from Women’s Day Magazine.

Well, sorry for such a prompt exit, but I have some staff to train. Keep on Puppeteering!

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