Rock Plaza Central

Rock Plaza Central

A Canadian band called Rock Plaza Central has made their first “music video” for their song “My Children Be Joyful”.   

“ Instead of a dark vision of the apocalypse as seen through the eyes of mechanical horses, it’s peopled with puppets from the Canadian television show Nanalan, which apparently crams everything fun you can imagine into four minutes: cute little pigtailed girls, flying rubber duckies, green backyards, grandmas and granddads playing banjos and ukuleles, cavorting canines chomping on steaks, carnival barkers, weightlifters, jugglers, and sock-puppet foot races– all craftily rendered in the fuzziest of fabrics and the most primary of colors.”

They are unclear whether they got the rights to use the material, but the video has already gotten 93,369 hits! the other cool thing is that the band allows you to also download the song featured in the video for FREE from their production company.

For more information on Nanalan check out Wikipedia.

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