Russell Hoban dies at age 86

Russell Hoban was best known for his book called “Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas”, which further reached fans through Jim Henson’s adaptation 1977 special originally created for HBO. The book was illustrated by Hoban’s first wife, Lillian, whose drawn renditions of these characters were faithfully replicated by Henson Studios. The story tells of a poor mother and son who do what they must to try to provide a special Christmas to one another, taking a route neither of them expected.

Hoban was also known for children’s books, writing over 50 children’s books including “The Mouse and His Child” and the Frances The Badger series. Hoban died on Tuesday at aged 86, after quadruple bypass surgery.

His final book is Soonchild, about a shaman making a dangerous journey across the Arctic, and it’s coming out in March in the U.K.

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