Sad News

Sad News

I’ve written about Michael Earl and his Puppet School classes in previous posts. Most teachers in puppetry classes can not compare to the caliber of experience Michael brings to the table. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT MICHAEL

I was going to fly out to New York and attend one of Michael’s classes but unfortunately (due to a death in my family) I had to postpone. Michael had expanded his classes to  such cities as L.A,  Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago and everyone who attends have nothing but positive things to say.

Last night I was shocked to see the following post on Facebook by Michael Earl…

Hello dear friend,

You probably haven’t heard from me in a while so I wanted to share some news.

About six months ago I started to feel constipated most of the time and lose weight. After some suspicions I finally was able to have a colonoscopy and they found colon cancer. Because of the size of the mass, they told me I’ve had it for awhile. Hmm. That was a shocker. Well, I’ll just have to walk through this experience and hopefully come out the other side healthy once again.

In general I’m functioning although I’ve lost 35 pounds without trying and I feel tired and weak most of the time.

Ironic how I’ve had mostly unused SAG health insurance most of my life. But since retiring from TV and film and starting Puppet School, the first years of a new business are hard, and I have no insurance at the moment. I’m taking a leave of absence from Puppet School at the end of September to be treated for the cancer so I can focus on getting well.
My former student and friend, Amy Smith, suggested I tell you all what is happening and give you an opportunity to help me out with medical and living expenses. To facilitate this, she graciously created a website for me where you can make donations and be up to date to my treatment. Any amount is appreciated. Thanks, and I look forward to updating you with good news in the months ahead.

The link to the website is:

Good thoughts and prayers also appreciated.

Thank you participating in my recovery!


Very sad news. Please give what you can and let’s help a fellow puppeteer in need.

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  • Andrew September 19, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    This is very, very sad news. Has this been passed around to Muppet fan sites like Tough Pigs, The MuppetCast, etc? Seems like it would be good to post it there.

  • Kelvin Kao September 20, 2012 at 6:39 am

    It has certainly been shared on Facebook by lots of Puppet School alumni.

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