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Posted by ascott December 17, 2007 17:38PM

I just got word that after this Friday (Dec 21st), Penny’s Puppets will no longer be allowed to perform at the Kenton Firehouse — maybe a plea from the community would help! Penny Walters’ puppet shows are just about the only entertainment for little ones in our neighborhood and her Friday morning shows are well attended by Kentonites and folks from around town. Too well attended for some it seems. There has been a complaint from above (the second floor of the Firehouse, that is) about the 1.5 hours of laughing, singing children every other Friday –it is disruptive to someone who works for the North Portland Neighborhood Services office. Sorry, if I think Penny’s Puppet productions are a great neighborhood service themselves.

If you’d like to voice support for Penny’s Puppets, please email and call Ronna Seavey at North Portland Neighborhood Services 503-823-0215 or
She wants you to contact her so she has a record of interest in Puppets with Penny!

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