Let’s do it!

I wrote earlier today about Bob Baker- he is a 84-year-old puppeteer who has been in the craft for 45 years! He runs one of the oldest puppet theatres in the United States. The theater, at 1345 W. First St., has fallen into debt, and owner Bob Baker has been told by his mortgage holder that he must raise approximately $30,000 to avoid foreclosure proceedings.

This got me thinking…

If I can get 1000 people- only 1000 people to donate $30 (in cliche commercial terms: That’s just $1.00 a day for a month) we could save Bob and the theatre. Now is the time that Puppeteers Unite! and help Bob and his theatre.

In the times we live in today, with everyone in financial woes-  I believe that the solution is found only when we band together and help eachother. This holiday season ask someone to give you one less DVD and donate towards Bob’s theatre.

Please find it in your heart to support Bob.

Read more about OUR problem  HERE!

I contacted Bob and he is very gracious. He stated that the money is much needed and that anyone can contact him at bobbakerpuppetmaker@yahoo.com

or contact their office at 213-250-9995 – they take visa or Mastercard.

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[…] the internet, trying to find the financial outcome of Bob Baker’s Marionette Theatre. In past posts I urged 1000 people to donate $30 to help save the historic theatre. Well, after some long hard […]

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