The evolution of gaming is here…literally! SPORE is a video game developed by Will Wright (maker of Sim City/The Sims). In SPORE you start as microbs and evolving to the point where your creatures leaves their planet to explore planets other peoples world they made on-line. You can create any creature imaginable! Will Wright had his team build a Care Bear! Do you have a puppet character you think would make an excellent world creature? Or perhaps you have tried to draw a character in 2D but wish you could develop it into a 3D interactive character, now you can. Check out Will Wrights tutorial here! I recommend watching it until the care bear appears 🙂 A release date is still TBA. You can also go here to read more about the different stages of gameplay and the technical aspects of the game: HERE

You’ll find the video HERE

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[…] wrote about SPORE and it’s amazing character building engine back in November 2006. Now it is here, and people are making some really interesting creatures- like the Skeksis from the […]

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