Taking Some Time Off

Taking Some Time Off

Hey everyone,
So it has been a very long time since I’ve posted last. I’m very sorry, but since the birth of my son last August my priorities have changed and bit and I wanted to focus on my family for a while. Since August 2012 I have made a conscience effort to drop back my workload in some areas and take time to reassess what I am taking on in life.

At the time my son was born I was working a 9-5 job, working on 3 different puppet builds, developing and working on two other projects- not to mention putting the nursery together, attend Prenatal classes and attend a local lodge that I am a member in…whew! I found I was working myself to the bone and my focus was scattered! When my son finally arrived I found no time at all to do anything! LOL I was staying up till 2am working on puppet builds then getting up for 7am for work. This went on for weeks until I finally decided I needed to stop and prioritize things before I burn out and am no help to anyone. I completed the puppet contracts I had and stopped taking future orders until I was able to reassess EVERYTHING.

This Blog started in 2005. I am very proud that it has lasted this long… but not proud as to the content it sometimes consists of. My blogs postings are often rushed and I feel my focus isn’t 100%. My goal for “Puppeteers Unite!” was (as stated on my ABOUT page) to  fostered relationships, support, empowered present and future puppeteers by providing and promoting information detailing puppet performances, building techniques, and positive business practices. I feel that in order for “Puppeteers Unite! to truly reach this goal and provide the best service possible, I must set “Puppeteers Unite!” free.

It is time to allow Puppeteers from all over the world to Unite and contribute their unique voice on this blog. I have contacted Puppeteers (some old, some new) to join me on this blog and begin writing and posting their work and news findings. The caliber of artists is extraordinary and  I can’t wait to have them join “Puppeteers Unite!”

Over 3-4 months you will see a new design for Puppeteers Unite! and a new cast of writers.

I know this decision is for the best and that “Puppeteers Unite!” will be a better blog for it. So please forgive the lack of posts and be ready for big changes to happen here.

I do occasionally post puppet related news on Facebook so if you want to follow us there:  CLICK HERE !

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