The Bear Necessities of Business

I had a difficult time finding a dog collar for my new puppet I’m building- I didn’t want to purchase a regular dog collar and try to sew it to fit. Then I remembered there was a “Build-A-Bear” store near me. I went over to the store to see if they had a dog collar…They did! While I was waiting in line I came across this book:
I decided to purchase it, and stayed up late reading. Maxine Clark (Founder and Chief Executive of Build-A-Bear Workshop) is just amazing in informing the audience on how to build an organization with integrity and keeping it FUN for both the customer and it’s employees.

Two thumbs up! A must read for any companies at any stage.
Build-A-bear can be reached at the following link:

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One Comment on “The Bear Necessities of Business

May 22, 2006 at 3:26 am

Hey this book sounds great! I think I may have to pick one up! Thanks for the tip!

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