The Bronx Bunny Show

A huge hit in the U.K., “The Bronx Bunny”stars two foul-mouthed furry animals — Bronx Bunny, the star-struck title character, and his cranky sidekick Teddy T, the politically incorrect, sexually innuendo’s panda. The duo, who recently moved from the Bronx, invite celebrity guests into their East Los Angeles TV studio/apartment where they run a low-rent uncensored public access show, asking questions you wouldn’t hear asked on typical interview shows. Among the stars that join the two hosts include Howie Mandel (“Deal or No Deal”), Kelly Carlson(“Nip/Tuck”), “Star Trek’s” George Takei, Joely Fisher (“Desperate Housewives”), “Saved By the Bell’s” Screech (Dustin Diamond) and many other celebrities.

The puppets look great, and the performances are well executed. Ciaran Morrison, plays Bronx Bunny, Mick O’Hara is Teddy T. Both were puppeteers in The Rodge and Podge Show.

My love is children’s television and this show is far from the genre, but it is good to see celebrities opening up and being more personable…even if every second word should be bleeped. I was also surprised by the amount and caliber of the celebrities they manage to “snag” for the show. Check out this site, but make sure you put the kiddies to bed first. 🙂

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