The Fist of Oblivion

The Fist of Oblivion


Scion and WhittmanHart Interactive partner with Roman Coppola will produce an exclusive online series starring kung fu-fighting puppets for Scion Broadband called “The Fist of Oblivion” slated for November to the end of December Coppola’s “The Fist of Oblivion” is the story of Ricky, an ex-cop and kung fu master who’s on the hunt for Bjorn, Ricky’s former friend and partner who framed him for a crime he didn’t commit. Of course, Ricky’s journey will not be easy. While Ricky was serving time, Bjorn was serving pain as the leader of The Red Dragons – the most powerful gang in the city. The result is an homage to the classic kung fu films of the 1970’s. It has all the fierce fighting, mysterious characters, unstoppable evil, sharp dialogue, exotic locations and groovy music of this beloved genre.
foo-still08.jpgThe production photos give a great glimpse of very professionally made puppets and hillarious situations. A show dealing with puppets and karate can’t go wrong! Can’t wait to watch an episode.


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