The Macgyver of Puppet Building!

The Macgyver of Puppet Building!

I came across this on Youtube. Unfortunately, for me the description is in (what I believe) Portugues – The videos depict various puppet building contraptions, they are all ingenious.

1) A machine that melts through styrofoam balls- for puppet eyes…see HERE! HERE! and HERE!

2) A machine that winds uo yarn for puppet hair!

3) Make perfect circles for puppet noses and ears!

4) An Instant set change with a flick of a switch!

It seems to me that these devices were made so the builder can mass produce a sort of nip and tuck puppet found HERE.  The puppet is a fun looking puppet and the puppeteer’s voice is perfect! If anyone can shed light on the puppet builder that would be great.

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  • Patricio April 22, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    hi!!! congratulations for you work, its amazing, my name is patricio. im a amateur puppeteer from buenos aires argentina, there is no infomation about puppet making in my country. im not able to get any pattern, and i cant afford to buy them. i saw in a previous spot that you said you where interested in making a tutorial,,, cand you explain to me,, or send me some pattern for the head and the fleece cover. thanks, patricio, and sorry for my english

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