The Muppet Show Live

themuppetshowalbum_logo.jpgHere are the Episodes from “The Muppet Show Live!” During the 2001 MuppetFest celebration, The Muppet Show Live was staged at the Hollywood Palace in Hollywood, California.

Written by Craig Shemin and Jim Lewis, with stage direction by Bill Barretta, the program was a collection of onstage performances and classic Muppet Show clips projected on a large screen.

If you are a Muppet Fan you HAVE to check these out, there are some classic scenes!

PART 1   PART 2  PART 3   PART 4    PART 5   PART 6   PART 7   PART 8  
PART 9   PART 10   PART 11   PART 12   PART 13  

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One Comment on “The Muppet Show Live

The Big Fez
June 25, 2007 at 1:03 am

I was there up in the cheap seats with all of the other true Muppet fans for this show. It was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, these clips do not capture the energy that was in the theater that night quite well enough… well the energy that was up in the tippy top of the theater with the real fans anyway!

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