The Pinhead Pattern

The Pinhead Pattern



Last year I posted about the new Pin Head Pattern supplied at Project Puppet. This holiday season I built a couple of puppets- this one shown here is from the Pinhead Pattern. I made it for my sister for my family handmade Christmas gift exchange. Hope you like!




Here’s a little guy I made for a friend- his eyes are actually ping pong balls and doll eyes. He is from the glorified puppet pattern from project puppet.






Here is another puppet I have been working on and need to finish in the next couple of days. This is from one of my own patterns- I still needed to pick the seam- that’s why you still notice it in this pic.

dsc00215.JPGdsc00211.JPGThis is a hawk I’ve been making from scratch- I still need to airbrush then fabricate and add some feathers. I made another one of these and it sits in my friends office in London…I wish I took a picture of that…but I didn’t, oh well 🙁

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