Thursday again! It’s toot my own horn day! :-P

Hello everybody,
Well today was pretty eventful. Not only did I lock myself out of my apartment. But, while en-route to work, a ball bearing flew off a truck and hit my windshield causing it to crack! ARGH!
Anyway, hope your life is better than mine right now. Let’s get the ball rolling…

Here is a puppet of Jack, Jack (the toddler from “The Incredibles”) I had a difficult time building him, not only was he built at camp (where materials were very hard to come by) but he had to be water proof. I used the sponge from the inside of an old life jacket- this also made the baby float when it fell into the water..heh, heh…(insert baby joke here) the only thing I found later was that the foam (of course) broke down from the contact cement and hotglue. The puppet was a hit, we presented it during a themed day and it lasted two more months before it began to breakdown.

This fella is a worm I created for a friend. He was a line of puppets I was going to build, but decided not to. This “worm” was originally built out of oil based clay, then I built a split mold and poured a latex negative. The puppet was then cleaned, then airbrushed using latex paint (latex paint flexes). The eyes were glass marbles hand painted and set into the puppet using a mixture of silicone and contact cement. He was very interesting to manipulate and showed a wide range of emotion due to the elasticity of the latex. I will be covering step by step how to build a worm later on my blog. The worm is very basic in concept and in form; he is very easy to sculpt and forgiving when it comes to hiding the mold seam due to it’s texture.

Well, that’s all I’ll cover today…I have to go build me some puppets 🙂

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