“Treehouse Studios” is a new webseries that follows four puppet friends and their struggles through the day to day life as animators for a blockbuster producing feature animation company. The creators Pete Paquette, Nick Bruno, Scott “Pimpcane” Carroll and Paul Downsdo developed the series based on their “real life” jobs. All are animators, and when their entire department was re-located to a new floor in their building.  The four of them grouped together and converted their quad area to the treehouse you see in their series. 

Pete Paquette explains…
”  I am an avid follower of puppetry blogs and a life-long muppet fan, so when I heard about the release of the What-not workshop, I saw a chance to puppeteer and create short films while working in the extremely time-consuming business of animation.  I talked it over with my fellow treehouse buddies and we all decided to buy what-not likenesses of ourselves and create short films.  We did only one screen test about “Pimpcane” enjoying a soda and decided that we needed to have some sort of storyline.  I don’t remember whose idea it was, but we decided to tell the story of what we know (which is the struggles of animation production).  We needed a fictious animation studio for our characters to be employed by, so we went with the obvious name of Treehouse Studios.  Nick Bruno and I carpool to work every morning where we come up with story ideas and develop them during our commute.  Then we run our ideas by Paul and Scott and make revisions based on thier ideas as well.  So by the time we go to filming, we have an extremely worked-out story to tell.”

They acknowledge the fact that they are not professional puppeteers, however, as the series evolves I found I concentrated less on the puppeteering and more on the hillarious storylines. Nicely done! Check out their site often for new postings.


Please be advised that the series has swearing and adult humour which may offend some…so kick your kids out of the room before watching 🙂

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