Tribute to Henson

Although the anniversary of Jim Henson’s death is on May 16th. I was wanting to celebrate his life and work by posting some of his really great performances and interviews over the next couple of days.

Here is an amazing Muppet Movie camera test– it shows the genius and chemistry Jim Henson and Frank Oz had. It is great to see them play off each other; improving their way through very witty material.  

One of the greatest Muppet moments ever! I remember watching this on the big screen, wondering the whole time how they did it. A great opening to a great movie.

Classic Mahna Mahna skit– this is the earliest versions I was able ever to find. I believe Frank Oz performed both the girls, while Jim Henson performed the little hippie type character.

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One Comment on “Tribute to Henson

Steve from the MuppetCast
May 12, 2007 at 7:18 am

I posted this on a different blog entry also, but I thought I’d post it here too. I’m doing a special edition MuppetCast in tribute to Jim Henson this coming week. If you’d like to email me a text or mp3 comment about Jim for the show, you can email it to I love these videos you’ve put up!

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