Workshop still being built…whew!

Being sick really set me back in regards to completing my workshop. Since I last spoke here about it I managed to put up the dry wall, plaster, sand and put in the flooring. My dad, who is a carpenter, was integral in making certain we (my wife and I) did the work right. I decided to go with a laminate flooring since we are in a basement and used the right padding. After putting in the flooring my dad put in the baseboard and even scribed them to the uneven basement floor. The workbench was next- I went with a oak as it was only ten cents more a foot. I went with a stain that would match the floor and am varnishing it about 5 times to get a strong surface that can withstand some abuse LOL I also drilled holes into the workbench for cords and such to pass through and plug into outlets below. I purchased two cabinets to hang- great for all my glues etc.  I still have to do some touch up painting/varnishing and put in the door hardware.

I noticed all the pictures I’ve posted are from one end of my workshop and doesn’t show the rest of the room. The room is 10ft by 16ft and should be adequate for what I need. I created a “window” that I can look out of into our rec room which is beside the workshop. I’m very pleased as to how it is coming along. I’m hoping by the end of this week I’ll be ready to make the big move into the new space- more photos to come as I move in and hopefully show you the finish room.

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