World Festival Puppet Art 2006

First held in 1996, the World Festival of Puppet Art brings the finest international puppet shows to the Czech Republic’s capital. Prague is itself well-known for being the home of such string-pulling enterprises as the magical Black Theatre of Prague and the filmmaker Jan Å vankmajer.
Puppeteers come from all over the world, and past prize-winners have included companies from the Far East, South America and Europe. Applications to join the festival and competition close in October, and successful companies are selected by Christmas. The full programme is announced in the spring – it’s worth checking the festival website for the latest news.

The clip is from the Myth of Rahoo and the Lunar Eclipse = Joe Louis Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand winning in THE BEST TRADITIONAL PERFORMANCE category. The clip is not in english but their love and dedication for their work still translates through. To see the other winners or to get more information about the festival go here:

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