Puppet Productions
One of the many strengths we have is in film/video production. With an extensive background in film and television we are able to see your production through from beginning to end. Contact us for more information!

We Sell Puppets!
Do you have a custom character you want to bring to life for a play, commercial or television/Internet production? Or perhaps you want to order a puppet that looks like your Boss for their retirement! Or you’re searching for a generic hand puppet for yourself to practice the art of puppetry with.
We will work with you to get you the highest quality puppet.
Look below to see the puppets we offer and how to order them.

Puppet Building Workshops
Ever dream of being able to manipulate objects with your mind? How about taking the first step and move them with your hands? Learn how to manipulate puppets properly and in a safe, non-judgemental class. Class date and times coming soon!

The Puppets We Sell

Generic Puppets

Cost: $65-$350
These puppets are made with great materials and are great for practicing your skills as a puppeteer or for as a gift for a friend. These puppets are clothed with pre worn clothes and are cut all from the same pattern in the production process.

Look-A-Like Puppets

Cost: $350 and Up
Do you want a one of a kind gift for a friend or relative? Send us a photo and let us work our magic! We will fashion a puppet to look like the person. Great idea for retirement parties, bachlor(ette) parties, birthdays and anniversaries. These puppets are made with better materials than the Generic Puppet line. Depending on character, some custom work may be done for wardrobe and facial features.

Custom Puppet

Cost: $1000 and up
Need a custom professional puppet built that is screen ready? These puppets are definitely one of a kind and made so that ever square inch of the puppet is maticulously made flawless for live, TV, film or internet performances. All costuming is made from scratch or new clothes fitted to size. Before starting we would need you to send us a character model sheet.
Don’t have a model sheet? No problem! We can work with you to develop a character. Additional fees for character development work.


How ordering a puppet works

Our Process


So you have contacted us and filled out the information we need to build you a puppet. We will look at all the information and provide you with a quote. Simply agree to the quote by signing it and returning to us a copy.


We begin to make crude forms in foam based on the designs provided. Pattern are then taken and developed into the characters final form. Photos and a video showing puppet movement will be taken and sent to you upon approval.


Upon your approval of the foam structure we then begin to pattern for the puppets fabric coverings. Some features are also developed and pinned on throughout this stage. We pin down the final fabric coverings and send you the photos for approval.


Upon approval, sewing of the fabric starts and mock up features are created and pinned. Clothes are made. Rods for the hands are also made.


Features are made and attached upon approval. Finishing touches and cleaning up seams and other finishing work is done. Final photo and video is sent before shipping.


Once approved, the puppet is boxed and shipped.

Our Team

Tom Stewart- CEO

Tom Stewart, graduate of Film Production and worked in the film and video business for more than 25 years. Tom is a puppet fabricator and performer and has built many characters for both film and television. He is also The Creature Works Studio founder.
Tam Tran- Writer/Director

Tam Tran- Writer/Director

Tam Tran is a graduate of film and media at Queens University, but unfortunately they have no return policy for degrees. He writes, directs and often puppet wrangles. He is also a walking encyclopedia for everything comic book related.

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