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Embark on a journey to a magical world of puppetry and discovery with The Creature Works Studio. Led by puppeteer Tom Stewart, with 28 years of experience in film/television and puppetry, I’m dedicated to bring joy and wonder to audiences of all ages. My creations are not just inanimate objects, but emotional conduits for storytelling, sparking imagination and bringing people together. With new projects in development, join me as we bring imagination to life through the art of puppetry. Check out my latest video for my series “Life Half Phil”.

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We create quality puppets that fit the needs of the performer to help bring their characters to life.

We Build Puppets!

Get the highest quality custom character for your commercial or TV/Internet/live production. I will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. Browse my puppets and find out how to order now.

Puppet Performer

Looking for a skilled puppeteer to enhance your upcoming shoot? Look no further! I possess the expertise to breathe life into your characters. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and let’s have a conversation about your project.


Unleash your creative potential and become a master puppeteer in a supportive, non-judgmental class. Discover the art of puppet manipulation and bring your dreams to life. Stay tuned for class dates and times coming soon!

What we charge for puppets...

Experience the art of puppetry, I believe in transparency and open communication. Custom puppet characters require time, specific tools, and quality materials. To ensure clarity, I’ve provided my starting costs for a puppet, which can vary based on the complexity of the work involved. Additional features and mechanisms may incur additional costs as well. Embark on your puppetry journey with confidence by reaching out to me for a personalized quote.

For those seeking a custom character for commercial purposes, prices begin at $2000 and are subject to variation depending on the intricacy of the design and costuming requirements.

Introducing our “Look-A-Like Puppet” service, designed to bring cherished memories to life. Simply provide me with a photo, and watch as I work my magic to create a personalized puppet resembling a loved one, friend, or co-worker. Perfect for retirements, parties, birthdays, and anniversaries; custom work includes wardrobe and intricately crafted facial features. Let’s add joy and laughter to your special occasion. Prices for  “Look-A-Like Puppets” start at $850.

Looking for a pre-made puppet to practice with or as a gift for birthdays and holidays? Explore my ETSY Store, where a wide range of puppets are available at varying prices.

Experience the wonder of puppetry now! Contact me today to begin your puppetry adventure.200

Welcome to our Portfolio!

Our artists, seamstress, and fabricators work hand in hand to create the perfect puppet for you. Every step of the way, we’ll involve you in the process, gathering feedback and ensuring your puppet exceeds your expectations. With a contract in place, we’ll bring your vision to life and ship it straight to your doorstep. Ready to bring your dream to reality?

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