What We're About

We are a creature building, puppet loving company. Dedicated to providing you the best character development experience!

We are a one stop shop! Having a background in film and television, we can help develop and produce your video without the hassle of getting the puppets made here, then going elsewhere for your production.

We can custom design and plan your character with the technical needs required for building it into a 3D character!
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Film/Television Years Experience
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Who Are We?

"Get a Wiggle On!"

Ever want a puppet built to your specifications? We can help.
Ever need a puppet manipulated for the entertainment of others? We can do that.
Ever want to learn how to build a puppet from scratch?
Certainly, we can help you with that.
Ever want your house cleaned for free? Sorry, can’t help you! Get up and clean it yourself!

Custom Puppets
Have a character you want to bring to life for a play, commercial or television production? We will work with you to get the highest quality puppet. Contact Us!

Puppet Building Workshops
Ever dream of being able to manipulate objects with your mind? How about taking the first step and move them with your hands? Learn how to manipulate puppets properly and in a safe, none-judgemental class. Class date and times coming soon!

Puppet Productions
One of the many strengths we have is in film/video production. With an extensive background in film and television we are able to see your production through from beginning to end. Contact us for more information!

The Team

No, we aren't related

Tom Stewart

The Big Cheese/Creative Director
Tom Stewart, graduate of Film Production and worked in the film and video business for more than 15 years. Tom is a puppet fabricator and performer and has built many characters for both film and television. He is also The Creature Works Studio founder.
Tam Tran

Tam Tran

Tam Tran is a graduate of film and media at Queens University, but unfortunately they have no return policy for degrees. He writes, directs and often puppet wrangles. He is also a walking encyclopedia for everything comic book related.

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The Blog

Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Day off today! Touring around this town enjoying amazing art.

Puppet Budgeting 101

Puppet Budgeting 101

Before opening up the spreadsheet there are a few questions I want you to ask yourself: 1) How much does it cost (in materials) to build one puppet? 2) How long does it take to build a puppet?3) Do you know what your overhead is? I hope you answered those questions and if you don’t…

Why I Don’t Dye Antron Fleece

Why I Don’t Dye Antron Fleece

I use to be proud of the fact that every puppet I built I made by hand. Vacuum forming eyes, stripping feathers for individual hairs, cutting foam and dyeing fleece; I knew every square inch of that puppet before it was shipped. I had time …then I had kids. Having kids totally changed my perception…

Ever play Where’s Waldo? Just kidding, we are closer than you think.