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In 2005, amidst the buzzing arrival of Facebook, I embarked on a adventure by launching a blog known as Puppeteers Unite! It became a haven for Puppet Builders and enthusiasts, providing an array of news and valuable reference materials. The blog served as the heart and soul of the website, while The Puppet Builders Directory had its own special corner, offering lists of treasure troves for puppet-making, ranging from the finest glues to the fluffiest foams and majestic patterns. LOL

For a decade, I diligently endeavored to keep both the blog and directory updated, initially on a daily basis, then weekly, and eventually on a monthly cadence. However, as time waltzed on, the

blogging landscape shifted, and people began flocking to forums and social media platforms, leaving behind the humble blogosphere. Gone were the days when I would welcome around 50 visitors daily, with even more gracing the virtual halls on weekends. Alas, those numbers dwindled to a mere trickle, barely a visitor peeping through the site’s digital doorway once a week. Faced with this reality, I reluctantly made the tough decision to cease blogging and, eventually, bid farewell to the entire site.

Yet, here we stand in 2023, amidst a world where sourcing materials has become an ever-growing challenge. It is with a sense of renewed purpose and a touch of whimsy that I’ve decided to resurrect the Puppet Builders Directory. Though I know that its utilization may be limited, if this resource can aid even a single individual here and there, it will have been an endeavor well worth undertaking. So, with joy in my heart, I present to you the revived Puppet Builders Directory. May it bring you delight and assistance in your puppeteering pursuits.

PLEASE NOTE: I listed any AMAZON supplies under my affiliate link. Meaning that any supplies purchased using this link will provide me with a small percentage of money. I will use this monetary payment to pay for the website. I want to be very transparent in this transaction; and it is for Amazon purchases only. Any other links listed here I do not receive any monitary “kick backs” or sponsorship money. 

A special thanks also goes to Katherine Hannaford for her AU links!

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All links presented are not affiliated with The Creature Works Studio. Information and/or services provided are at “use at own risk” basis.

The following links may become broken overtime. If you notice a broken link or have a supplier you would like to include on this list; please contact me and let me know the item name, location and a link- any links not send in longform will not be used. 
Example: Barge, Australia-
Thank you and enjoy!



Rubber Cement- CAN
Barge- Amazon
Barge- Walmart
Barge (West Coast)- Lonsdale Leather
Barge (Toronto)- Leather and Sewing Supply Depot
Barge- (Calgary)- Tandy Leather

Rubber Cement Thinner- CAN
Barge Thinner (West Coast)- Lonsdale Leather
Barge Thinner (Toronto)- Leather and Sewing Supply Depot

Contact Cement- CAN
Master Contact Cement
Renia Contact Cement- Amazon

LePage Heavy Duty- Amazon
LePage Low Ordor- Home Depot

All Purpose- CAN
UHU Clear- CAN

Fabri-Tac- CAN

Barge Rubber Cement US
Cobblers Plus CO

Best-Test Rubber Cement US
Best-Test Rubber Cement (IL)- Paxton/Patterson
Best-Test Rubber Cement- Amazon

Masters Contact Cement US
Montana Leather Company MT
Maverick Leather Company OR

Sika 500ml Clear 105 ContactFix AU

Barge Rubber Cement UK

Weldwood Contact Cement UK
DK Hardware


Fuzzelle and Faux Fur-US
Puppet Pelts

Nylafleece/F3/Other Furs and Fabrics- UK
Puppet Things

Nylafleece and Fur-US
Monkey Boys Productions

Furaddition- AU
Faux Fur



Super Soft Foam
Super Soft Foam Cylinder
Medium Firm Foam Cylinders

FlexFoam- AU
Reticulated Foam-Ask for N27-30R in 13mm/.5″


Cannon Uncoated Foam Ball 8.5″- CAN

US Games Uncoated Foam Ball 4″- CAN

US Games Uncoated Foam Balls- US

Catsport-Uncoated Foam Ball 4″- CAN

Sportfactor- CAN
All different sizes


Casting/Mold Making

Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300- CAN

Smooth-On OOMOO 25- CAN

Semi Sphere Mold- CAN

Arm Rods

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3/32″ x 18″ Copper Clad Rods- CAN

Heat Shrink Tube- 25mm (For Handles)- CAN

Heat Shrink Tube- 1/8″ (For Rods)-CAN

Arm Rods

Rod Handles



Hand Tools

Flag Making Tool -CAN

Fiskars Rotary 45mm Cutter- CAN

Rotary Cutter Blades 45mm For Fiskars- CAN

Leather Hole Punch- CAN

Clauss 9″ Serrated Knife- CAN

3D Printing

Remember some libraries have Maker Spaces with 3D and Lazer printers! 

3D Printing Canada

Creality 3D Printers

Prusa Printers

Makerwiz- CAN





SD Card Reader Portable- CAN


Variable Speed Mini-Sander- CAN

Stainless Steal Feeler Guage- CAN


Pattern Notcher- CAN

Wonder Clips- CAN

Singer Sew Machine Oil- CAN


Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors- CAN

File Folders- CAN

Hair Dryer Stand- CAN

Spray Booth, Dual Fan- CAN

Dremel Drill Press- CAN

Heat Gun- CAN

Puppeteering Chair- CAN

Woolite Stain Remover- CAN

PuppetStuffCanada Wall Mount Puppet Stand


How To's



Puppets and Puppet Theatre (Author David Currell)- CAN

The Well Dressed Puppet by Cheralyn Lambeth ISBN 9781138025332
Amazon CA
Foam Patterning and Construction Techniques by Mary McClung ISBN 9781138025332
Amazon CA
Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing Step by Step Techniques for Making Clothes and Home Accessories By: Reader’s Digest (Editor)  ISBN: 9781621458012
Amazon CA
The Foam Book: An Easy Guide to Building Polyfoam Puppets Kindle Edition by Drew Allison (Author), Donald Devet (Author)
Amazon CA
The Foam Book (DVD version) The Foam Book DVD : Amazon -AU


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