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Project Puppet Contest Winners!

All the results are in and the winners of Puppet Contest 2011 are…

  • GRAND PRIZE – Emerson Bartholamew Toppit by Larry Merrill
  • FIRST RUNNER-UP – Kichiro the Samurai Koi Fish by Michael Higgs
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Graf Carl Gustav von Rotz by Jessica Bruckschen

All the enteries were outstanding! Everyone did an amazing job and should all be congratulated.
To see all the other entries click HERE!

Project Puppet is also having a FALL SALE! Check out the great prices for some great puppet patterns! Buy some for that special puppet builder or yourself. 🙂

Grant’s Advent Calendar

Grant Baciocco is a writer, actor, comedian, puppeteer and host of the Henson podcast. Grant also runs a blog called “Grant’s Advent Calendar”.

The video blog takes us on an adventurous 25 day ride (one video per day) to record Grant opening each door to his advent calendar. The last door is opened on Christmas day. Grant doesn’t know what gift(s) are consealed in his Advent calendar and the opening of each calendar door must be shot in only one take.

It is fun to see all the different locations and people Grant meets as he opens each door. The latest video has Grant opening a Advent door in the belly of an Audrey 2 at the Swazzle workshop.

Subscribe to Grant’s podcast for more videos, and sign up for Grant’s Advent contest that will be announced December 14th.

Harry Potter sock puppet contest

10047351uu7.jpg is holding it’s 1st annual Harry Potter sock puppet contest! Here are the rules as laid out in their site:

  1. Socks should resemble a Harry Potter character for whom we have been given an adequate description. We don’t really know what Victoire looks like, so we can’t possibly judge your accuracy without a reference!

  2. NO SOCKS WITH PATTERNS. Only plain socks are allowed, though you may start with any solid color you like. If you use a patterned sock, your entry will not be counted!

  3. Be creative! No printing stuff, like Harry’s whole face, off the internet. Make good use of your materials because you could be rewarded for it

  4. The photograph of your sock puppet must be sized to 320×240 OR 640×480.

Various titles and prizes await those who partake, so start making your sock puppets today!

Vote NOW!


Project Puppet has now released the top 10 puppets entered in the “Once Upon a Puppet” contest. Voting ends October 14, 2007, so make certain to view all the material and place your VOTE now!

Puppet Film Festival

Ricki Vincent from emailed me the following information that may be of interest to you:“This is an open call for entries for the first annual Puppet Parts film festival in the city that keeps it weird, Austin,TX. looking for films and videos between 2 to 30 minutes in length, and each film must have puppets in the cast. entry fee is just 20 bucks and 60% of all fees will be used for cash awards for the best 5 films. for more info and entry forms just email me at here’s the link to the info and the application form. the entry fee is per film and the first 30 shorts (2-5 minutes) are guaranteed to be shown. longer pieces (6-30min) will be juried by myself and the board of directors of my puppet theater company. Right now it’s looking like we’ll be renting 1 of the the Alamo draft house movie theaters but if not we’ll pick up a smaller venue. Austins a great town and people will get out and support something as diverse as this. We got a great connection with the press and they’ll help get the word out.
Here’s the links

if you have any further questions feel free to email me. looking forward to seeing your stuff
Ricki (Geppetto) Vincent
artistic director

+1 (905) 517-7529

The Creature Works Studio Head Quarters

Hamilton, Ontario. Canada

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