Puppets on the Tele

Terry Angus and Jim Henson

Terry Angus recently posted a video I’ve never seen before. In 1989 both Terry and Jim Henson made an appearance on a show called “From The Heart: International Very Special Arts” It showcased people who had different disabilities that had very special talents. The opening of the show has Jim Henson come out and talk about […]

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Now You Know

Here is Howie and Baboo with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield! I build Howie and Baboo for a new show by Little Engine Moving Pictures and Sinking Ship Entertainment called “Now You Know”. This picture was taken by Giordano Ciampini during an episode called “How do Astronauts Float in Space?”  Howie and Baboo were puppeteered by Frank Meschkuleit […]

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Monkey Horse Cop

Produced by Redleg Films, Monkey Horse Cop is an action-comedy web series that stars Puppets as police. It’s Lethal Weapon meets Sesame Street, it is currently in Pre-Production and they hope with your help  they hope to move it into production this fall. Please give and let’s get this made. CLICK HERE TO TO TO KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

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Barry the Biscuit Boy

Barry the Biscuit Boy is a new commercial for Cravendale Milk. It is a mixture of rod puppetry and stop motion animation. It’s beautifully shot and looks like an illustration from a children’s nursery rhyme book. I’ve also managed to find the video of the making of the commercial. Enjoy!

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