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Puppet Pricing

Puppet Pricing

Puppet pricing has always been difficult for me. The price of materials is constantly changing and the rise of inflation on most goods and services make it hard to come up with a conisistant price that won’t make you feel you are working for free. 

Why is pricing your work important?

When I first started The Creature Works Studio I would throw out “ballpark” prices to people who enquired about my prices. I would usually throw out a price that would be inconsistent with the last job I did and nine times out of ten be super low. At the end of the job I would become frustrated and mad at myself for not charging more; often feeling I worked for nothing or that I spent more on the puppet than I charged for it. More often than not I was correct on both. Don’t let this happen to you. 

Pricing out your work allows you to realistically look at the market you are pricing for and the costs associated with doing business. 

What is puppet building is a hobby?

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