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New Website

New Website!

Hey Folks,

If you are new to this site then welcome and I hope you find what you are looking for!

For those visitiors who have been here before you probably are noticing we here at The Creature Works Studio got a face lift. A couple of weeks ago I updated my site as usual and found the white screen of death. I had a backup of my site and was able to get it up and running again but had to turn off some key plugins. Now, I could have went to an older version of WordPress and that would have been fine. However, I was also receiving feedback occasionally that the website was taking forever to load and a lot of the blog information was out of date; mainly containing dead links. The blog was almost 17 years old and much of the information expired, which made the blog posts about 10% useable as a information tool.

Another problem was that I build the website from scratch without a proper theme behind it so it was a bit “clunkie” at times. I made the choice to wipe my entire website clean and start from scratch. It was a very difficult decision because I knew it would take up a large portion of my time to build and the blog I was about to delete was so dear to me; It basically was a record of my puppetry journey…I hit the delete button sadly and began anew.

Change is sometimes hard but (in this case) needed and I hope that you enjoy the changes I have made. Please come often and stay safe.

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