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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – That Life

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - That Life

I came across this little gem of a music video by Unknown Mortal Orchestra for the song ‘That Life’.

The performers provide a dancing puppet that displays perfect body movements and stylistic dance moves. I love how you can see the performers during their performance. This beautifully made puppet seems well built, which allows for a more realistic performance, which in turn, adds a magical energy to the feel of the music video. Quirky and fun, it is one of the more entertaining music videos starring a puppet character.

Puppeteers – Nick Lehane, Dorothy James, Andy Manjuck
Additional Puppeteer – Ryan Melia
Puppet Builder – Laura Manns

I love how Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s lyrics have is a pretty serious message behind it, while entertaining the viewer with great puppet performance. Really great music video!

Check out Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Official Website:

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