Farewell. It was a great Ten Years!


Today is our 10th Anniversary and the day I am announcing the closing of the Puppeteers Unite! Blog. First thing I want to address is that this is a personal decision. My children, wife and two full time jobs have made it harder and harder for me to put the time and energy (I feel) needs […]

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Dressing The Naked Hand

Book Review In 1997, Drew Allison of Grey Seal Puppets along with Donald Devet created The Foam Book (now on Kindle). I probably purchased my copy around 2006. It was one of the first guides for creating polyfoam mouth/rod puppets geared for the newly minted puppet-making enthusiast. The book was filled with practical tips and […]

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Change is Here!!

Puppeteers Unite! is proud to announce that we have added 5 NEW Contributors to the Puppeteers Unite! blog! I personally have gone through some serious life changing events these past three years and (as you probably have noticed) have found it harder and harder to post on the blog. Additional people to contribute to the blog should […]

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Digital Puppetry in PS4

Yesterday Sony has announced their newest gaming console, appropriately named the PS4. Developers want the new system to be more open to artists and their work- basically allowing one to create their dreams. This new technology allows one to sculpt and create, then animate in real time…could this be the Evolution of Puppetry we have […]

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Puppetsmith is Back!

Puppetsmith is up and running! New memberships to the Puppetsmith site are currently not available. If you are an existing member, you may log in to the new site using your previous username and password. If you are currently not a member of Puppetsmith, but would like to be kept up-to-date as to when membership […]

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Designing Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal

The Saturday, November 24 issue of The Times of London ran an article by Frank Oz praising the new Chronicle Books release Imagination Illustrated, The Jim Henson Journal. Frank wrote “The pieces of paper in the book are often overlapped: photos overlapping scripts; character ideas overlapping storyboards, ideas overlapping ideas. That’s how Jim’s mind worked. […]

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