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Starting anew…

So I managed to integrate the old Puppeteers Unite! Blog on my personal blog. It would be a shame to have years of blog posts be obliterated. This Blog will be a little more personal and not only dabble in other topics but also showcase more of the behind the scenes projects we work on […]

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Farewell. It was a great Ten Years!


Today is our 10th Anniversary and the day I am announcing the closing of the Puppeteers Unite! Blog. First thing I want to address is that this is a personal decision. My children, wife and two full time jobs have made it harder and harder for me to put the time and energy (I feel) needs […]

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Now You Know

Here is Howie and Baboo with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield! I build Howie and Baboo for a new show by Little Engine Moving Pictures and Sinking Ship Entertainment called “Now You Know”. This picture was taken by Giordano Ciampini during an episode called “How do Astronauts Float in Space?”  Howie and Baboo were puppeteered by Frank Meschkuleit […]

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Taking Some Time Off

Hey everyone, So it has been a very long time since I’ve posted last. I’m very sorry, but since the birth of my son last August my priorities have changed and bit and I wanted to focus on my family for a while. Since August 2012 I have made a conscience effort to drop back […]

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My “Favorited” Puppet Videos!

All this week I’ll be posting my “Favorited” Youtube videos on my Facebook/Twitter account. To check out the list join one (or all) of my accounts! 🙂 Click on any of the Links below and join! PuppeteersUnite! Facebook PuppeteersUnite! Twitter

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New Workshop!

My workshop is right beside my master bedroom. I stay up late working on puppets and I guess (according to my wife) I make a lot of noise. She can hear my drill, sander, and other tools I use to accomplish my tasks. So after much debate I’m moving my workshop to our basement…I have […]

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Why puppets cost so much…

This year has already been super busy in regards to puppet orders. I think the new Muppets movie has really started a resurgence in puppetry. But sometimes the price of a custom made puppet will surprise (and scare) potential customers. After providing a quote, I had one customer say that they could go to a […]

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